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DAC Privacy and Data Retention Policy DRAFT 011515 (pdf) is the last contribution by the ad hoc advisory committee. This document will be cleaned up by staff this week for spelling and punctuation, consistent numbering, and formatting. That version will be sent to the City Attorney’s office. The CA will draft recommended changes and those changes and this draft will be queued to the Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee for review, public comment, and incorporation of changes based on those inputs.


  • Proofing. If you have very light copyedits (spelling, punctuation, missing/extra words, etc.), send them to Joe Devries now.
  • Changes. If you want substantive changes to the language or the ideas, draft a memo explaining your proposal to the Public Safety Committee and its members.
  • Speak. Speak at the next Public Safety Committee meeting. Critique the policy, its good points, its weak points. Remind them why it’s important to you and your city.