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From the agenda:

Subject: DAC Privacy And Data Retention Policy

From:Office Of The City Administrator

14-0475. Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution: 1) Affirming The Right To Privacy; 2) Establishing The City Of Oakland Domain Awareness Center (DAC) Privacy And Data Retention Policy Which Prescribes The Rules For The Use, Accessing And Sharing Of DAC Data; Establishes Oversight, Auditing And Reporting Requirements; And Imposes Penalties For Violations; 3) And Authorizing The DAC To Become Operational; And

14-0479. Receive Additional Policy Recommendations Which Require Future Council Action From The DAC Ad Hoc Advisory Committee Intended To Support The Policy, Assure Ongoing Compliance With The Policy, Establish Penalties For Policy Violations, And Potentially Extend The Components Of The Policy To A Broader Range Of City Functions