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20150915_publicsafety_02From City staffer Joe De Vries on 4 December 2015…

I am pleased to announce that the Ordinance that will create a permanent Privacy Advisory Commission is scheduled to be heard by the City Council Public Safety Committee on December 15th at 6pm in Hearing Room 1 at City Hall. This significant legislation was borne out of the work of the Advisory Committee and represents a key recommendation that committee made to the City Council in the spring. I encourage you to read the attached staff report and supporting documents and to provide your feedback to the Public Safety Committee on the 15th. The attached PDF includes, in this order; the Report, the earlier resolutions establishing the Ad Hoc Committee, the DAC Policy and the FLIR Policy, and last, the ordinance establishing the Commission. Also, the link below will direct you to the same information.

I expect Mr. De Vries to present the recommendation to the Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee.

I haven’t seen discussion of the new commission’s charter language. I’ll give it a quick look but more eyes are better; please comment.

Let’s see how that charter:

  • balances competing interests (like liberty vs. safety),
  • keeps the commissioners accountable to the public,
  • funds staff and operations,
  • endows it with the powers to do its job (like the security clearances to inspect how privacy is performed in practice by the OPD and other City agencies)
  • and what tools it has to effect change.